Waterjet Cutting Machine

QSM-5-15-B-SH Waterjet Cutting Machine

QSM-5-15-B-SH is used for the cutting operations in petrochemical industry. The equipment is capable of cutting any 0-100mm–thick materials (except glass carbon, diamond and special hard alloy), and is applied in the cutting operations of dismantlement and maintenance work related to petroleum pipelines and storage tanks.

rated pressure:50 (MPa)
work pressure:45 (MPa)
gun nozzle diameter:0.8 (mm)
cutting speed(10mm-thick steel plate):90 (mm/min)
sound pressure level90 (dB (A))
dimensions(length×width×height):1740×785×1130 (mm)
equipment weight:420 (kg)

QSM-5-15-B-SH is a new type of portable cutting equipment functioning by front-mix abradant water jet flow; it adopts cold cutting technologies.

This waterjet cutting machine has passed spark test, static electricity test and temperature test, and met the anti-explosion requirements.

Note: QSM-5-15-B-SH waterjet cutting machine is an integral part of the main machine system and provides high-pressure water jet flows for cutting operations; it needs to assist cutters (for example pipe cutter), cutting gun assembly and high/low-pressure hose to complete cutting operations.

Product features:

  • (1) Small, light and portable;
  • (2) Simple and compact structure, easy operation;
  • (3) The anti-explosion motor power (EXd Ⅱ CT4) meets the operation requirements;
  • (4) Low noise, free of environmental pollution;
  • (5) Low working pressure, easy system maintenance.
work pressure:45 (MPa)
nozzle diameter:0.8 (mm)
cutting speed(10cm-thick steel plate):14 (mm/min)
dimensions(length×width×height):1740×785×1130 (mm)
equipment weight:420 (kg)
power:15 (KW)
voltage:380/660 (V)
filter volume:8.4 (L)
pump flow:11 (L/min)
volume:11.8 L
abradant type:Special abradant
abradant granularity:80 (Mesh)
abradant flow:0.5 (Kg/min)